Geo Hostel Rules and Regulations

Every guest that stays at Geo Hostel will be subject to these rules and regulations, which will be acknowledged as a Adhesion Contract that must be abided. If you choose not to, management reserves the right to admission and stay in our facilities.


Approach and use the service agreed. If you choose not to, GEO HOSTEL can require users to pay 20% of the full price established, or retain the deposit paid by the guest if this fee was paid in advance, if it is agreed (Article 65 Act 300 of 1996).
The guest will be able to use the instalacions only during the time period established. If you wish to extend your stay this will be subject to availability.

Check in

Every guest must be registered according to National Authorities and is therefore mandatory to fill out the registration form and provide all the information requested.
International guests must show current non-Colombian passport from the country of origin, with the corresponding admission issued by emigration Colombia, which will be backed in the hostel's reception at check in.
GEO HOSTEL will take no responsibility regarding any false or incomplete information that the host may provide when filling out the registration form.


The hosting service must be paid in advance and every guest has the right to claim a cancellation invoice from your account.

Time of entry and exit

The hour of admission to the rooms will be stated at 14.00 Hours. However, GEO HOSTEL can be flexible with admissions before the hour established if we have the availability and the rooms are properly cleaned.
The rooms must be unoccupied at 12.00 Hours of the next day or of the maximum date of your stay. After that hour, The Hostel will have the right to an extra charge depending on the standard rate or an additional day. In case of not leaving the room in disposition at this time, and  in absence of disposition, The Hostel may perform the necessary actions so that the room becomes available.
If a guest  were to  arrive early morning and occupy the room immediately, this would be counted as the guest's first night to be charged.
If a guests decides to stay an extra night, this should be informed in advance at the reception.
GEO HOSTEL acknowledges the comfort of their guests and offers a luggage storage service in case they need to leave their belongings until the hour of departure from the city.


Leaving the keys at the reception desk is mandatory by the guest. If the key is lost, the guest will be charged  the replacement fee.


The establishment has taken appropriate security measures and has a dependable Liability Insurance. In case of a fire or flood please follow the recomandations of our Staff or the guide and evacuation routes established.
The Hostel is not responsible for money or any valueables left in the room. We recommend you use the safe deposit boxes at the reception. For every bed in the shared rooms  there is a locker assigned. If you need a lock you may buy one at the reception desk.
When you leave the room, please turn the lights off and make sure that the faucets in the bathroom are closed. At GEO HOSTEL it is our main concern the proper use of basic services, helping us to work towards preserving our planet. We ask you to help us in this effort.
Whoever vandalizes the establishment, personal property or our inventory must respond before the law within the framework of the existing legislation. Theft or intentional damage will be reported immediately. Uppon leaving, The Hostal Staff will survey the room. The costs to pay for any damage, theft or loss of keys will be charged upon departure.
Silence is appreciated, not being allowed scandals, physical nor verbal violence against other guests or our employees.


It is included in the room rate, and will be served from 8:00 a.m. to 9:30 a.m.
The guest must return the dishes and utensils to the first floor if you use common areas for breakfast.


The use of the kitchen is from 10:30 a.m. on. Follow the rules of hygiene and recommendations specified to that area.
You may not eat or drink in the rooms. We recommend you use the areas designated for this use.

Right of Admission

During your stay, visits will be permitted only in the lobby, now that they are not allowed in the rooms. The Hostel reserves the right of admission of occasional visitors. If you neglect to do so,  management reserves the right to order your immediate removal of the visitor.

Silence and respect towards all guests and employees at the hostal

At 22:00 hours the noise level must be turned down. In the multiple bed rooms, even if there is only one guest, lights must be turned off and silence must be respected.  Hallways and stairways must also be in silence.
At 24.00 hours, silence will be complete unless GEO HOSTEL has organized an event during or longer than the time schedule mentioned before.
It is prohibited to organize any social occasions or parties without a permision from the Hostel.

Non smoking area

Smoking is prohibited in public areas and rooms. The only place where smoking is allowed inside the premises is on the terrace. It is also prohibited the consumption of illegal drugs, narcotics or psychotropic substances. This violation will be immediately noticed to Security Forces.

Use of utilities

The services provided by The Hostel must be used in accordance with the rules of good faith, trusting our guests prudence with the use of utilities.

Other guest obligations

It is strictly prohibited to guests:

Code of conduct to protect minors

In GEO HOSTEL we adopt the Code of Conduct established by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism to protect children of all forms of exploitation or sexual violence originated by domestic or foreign tourists, in accordance with the provisions of the Act 679 of 2001 and we are obligated to report any act to the competent authorities.